Eat Barbecue The Most Powerful Stuff (29 oz)

Eat Barbecue The Most Powerful Stuff (29 oz)


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As seen on BBQ Pitmasters

Award winning rub used by Rod Grey, pitmaster of competition barbecue team Pellet Envy.

The Most Powerful Stuff (Purposeful Rub)

The mecca of all-purpose rubs, this spice blend turns your cow into WOW!  12 hard years on the competition trail to perfect, this rub made me a national barbecue champion and the best brisket cook in the country.  Add the Next Big Thing BBQ Sauce and you’ve got the whole recipe that won the West.  Excellent on just about everything but use caution, this really is The Most Powerful Stuff.

Chew, Swallow, Repeat, EAT Barbecue.

-Rod Grey

Great on Beef, Fish, Chicken and Pork!

Gluten Free / All Natural/ Product of USA