Flame Boss HI-TEMP Pit Probe with Straight Plug

Flame Boss HI-TEMP Pit Probe with Straight Plug



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Replacement high temperature pit probe for Flame Boss 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and EGG Genius Controllers (See note below). Probe has a straight end connector.  

We highly recommend keeping a replacement pit and meat probe handy. Probes on all grill controllers are consumables and will eventually give up the ghost. Last thing you want is a dead probe when firing up a cook. Best to keep an extra pit and meat probe handy.

The High Temperature Pit Probes for Flame Boss® 500 are an industrial duty platinum resistance thermometer probe. Each includes 6 ft. stainless steel shielding and is rated to 475˚F.

Note: The 500 probes are not recommended for kamado grills sitting directly on a platform, table or shelf. The straight end plugs may have a clearance (connectability) issue. You’ll need a Flameboss Probe with a 90° plug end but see Important:

Important: For safety concerns, we strongly recommend that kamado grills do not sit directly on a surface but rather have an air gap under them. Most grill manufacturers have ceramic feet or table nests that elevate the grills.

Plug color may vary, depending on current supply.


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