[notification type=”info”]Heads up! Theme has an integrated wpStickies Wordress Plugin, plugin allows to add sticker on any image you want. [/notification]

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[col class=”span4″][h4]wpStickies Features[/h4][lists bullet=”check” type=”style1″]

  • Two types of stickies: spots and areas
  • Works with images or background-images
  • Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Wikipedia and Facebook predesigned buttons
  • Pending list (stickies created by users won’t be visible until you approve them!)
  • Highly customizable
  • Works on mobile browsers
  • Spot bubbles with three different sizes and two colors
  • You can use ANY HTML elements inside spots
  • Detailed permission control (even your visitors can create / manage stickies if you allow them!)
  • Deeply integrated into WordPress (native UI, metaboxes, custom roles, etc)
  • Per image settings
  • Supports all major browsers (but for using the wpStickies
    admin page we recommend Chrome, Safari or Firefox)